LeBron James Turns 2014 Finals Cramps Into Big Bucks

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James Turns 2014 Finals Cramps Into Big Bucks


Turn your weakness into a strength.

Remember when a cramping LeBron James was the laughing stock among fans during the 2014 NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat?

Due to the cramps, LeBron wasn’t able to close out game one and the Spurs took the game and eventually won the title, needing just five games.

What was one of James’ most disappointing moments of his career seems to now be turning into anther huge business for the Lakers star.

After years of trying to find a formula for a NSF certified substance that prevents cramps and other sports related fatigue phenomena, James and his team around athletic trainer Mike Mancias apparently are ready to take the supplement to the masses and officially start selling it.


“‘What can we do? What can we do?’” said James’ longtime athletic trainer and friend Mike Mancias, per Dave McMenamin of ESPN. “After the whole cramping incident in San Antonio, we started doing some work with a pharmaceutical company, coming up with different recipes, different ingredients — at the same time keeping it all safe, NSF certified, clean.

Now, they are taking that recipe to the masses, pairing up with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lindsey Vonn and Cindy Crawford to launch Ladder, a health and wellness company that sells the same grass-fed whey, plant proteins and energy powders that LeBron James uses.

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