LeBron James Praises Zion Williamson

Photo Credit: Richard Shiro/Associated Press

LeBron James Praises Zion Williamson


Zion Williamson has not yet played a professional basketball game, but is already a superstar. The hype around his person is unreal. There soon will be a bidding war between the planet’s biggest athletic brands, Superbowl prices were paid for tickets to Duke games because of him, and celebrities, including former president Barack Obama, came out to see the young phenom play in person.

Williamson is the most hyped ‘rookie-to-be’ since LeBron James, and now got praised by his predecessor. LeBron told ESPN:


“For his size, how strong he is, to be able to move like the way he moves, he’s very impressive. I mean, everybody can see the athleticism. That’s obviously, that’s ridiculous. But the speed and the quickness that he moves (with) at that size is very impressive.

Everybody gets so caught up in the game itself. I look at the intangibles. And he seems like he has great intangibles and seems like a great kid.”


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