LeBron James Believes He Could Survive A Plane Crash

Photo Credit: LeBron James / Instagram

LeBron James Believes He Could Survive A Plane Crash


We all know that LeBron James plays like he is not from this planet. But is he a superhuman off the court, too? According to Drew Gooden, LeBron believes so himself.

Gooden was a guest on ESPN’s ‘Highly Questionable’ and was asked to share his favorite LeBron James story. Gooden and James were teammates during LeBron’s first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Gooden recalled a story when James told him that he could survive a plane crash while they were on a turbulent flight.


“LeBron once told us he could survive a plane crash. So, we’re on the plane talking, and turbulence is going on. He’s like, ‘I honestly think I could survive if this plane goes down. I think I could survive the plane crash.’ And I was like, ‘Yo, what you mean? What you gonna do? You gonna jump out?’ He said, ‘Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. But before I jump out.’ He starts taking all the pillows and the covers out of the overheads and he starts stuffing them in his shirt and in his suit and all in his neck. And he said he was going stuff himself with the pillows and the blankets and then jump out of the plane and survive. And when I thought about it, I thought it was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. But it was actually smart. Hey, but you know what, I can’t put anything past the guy anymore. So who knows? He might be able to survive a plane crash.”



Well, in this case, the show’s name fits the story perfectly. Surviving a plane crash by jumping out? Highly Questionable.


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