LeBron James After Game 1 Loss: “It’s Different. This Is A Game With No Fans.”

Photo Credit: Ashley Landis/Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James After Game 1 Loss: “It’s Different. This Is A Game With No Fans.”


LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers started their playoff run with a disappointing loss against the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday. Despite James’ historic playoff performance, the Lakers still failed to contain the firepower that the Blazers displayed throughout the game, particularly in the fourth quarter.

James had 23 points, 17 rebounds and 16 assists and was the best performer for the Lakers. Although James looked like he almost found his footing in the playoffs, the Lakers superstar has made it known that the game is much different this time when talking about his playoff mode.


“I’m going to continue to say this, it’s different. This is a game with no fans.”



Prior to entering the playoffs in previous seasons (when he made the playoffs), we remember James always posting a message that went along the line “Zero Dark Thirty – 23 Activated” while shutting down all his social media accounts in the process.

However, James has chosen to abandon that tradition this year in order to stay in touch with his family and be involved with what’s happening around his environment and society in general during these unprecedent times. 

Whether that new approach would affect James’ play and mentality is up in the air. With James’ recent statement, it looks like the lack of crowd has been more of a bigger factor to him which influences the way he performs in the playoffs.

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