LaVar Ball’s Leaked ‘Space Jam 2’ Audition Tape

Fox Sports

LaVar Ball’s Leaked ‘Space Jam 2’ Audition Tape


A little over 22 years ago, the greatest basketball movie in history, Space Jam, was released.

LeBron James had already been confirmed to aid Bugs Bunny and his fellow Looney Toon comrades in an up and coming “Space Jam” sequel, last year, and a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that he filming will start this summer.

But LeBron James apparently has been unable to close deals with “top players” that he wants for Space Jam 2. One of them is Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Other players have voiced their interest in playing a role in the sequel. First, Swaggy P claimed that the movie needed him, then James’ Lakers teammate Lonzo Ball said he wants to be in the movie. Warriors star Klay Thompson, in the meantime apparently is already confirmed to star in the film. Now, Lonzo’s father LaVar Ball wants to join in on the action and, with the help of Fox Sports, has produced a hilarious audition tape.


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