LaMelo Ball Shares His Goal Of Becoming The Best Player To Ever Play The Game

Photo Credit: Rick Rycroft/Associated Press

LaMelo Ball Shares His Goal Of Becoming The Best Player To Ever Play The Game


Dating back to his Chino Hills tenure where he scored 92 points in a single game, LaMelo Ball was quickly recognized as an Internet sensation and became one of the most famous highschool players in the game. From there, the hype machine only continued to follow him, and it even got more bigger when he took his talents to Lithuania and Australia.

Now showcasing a variety of combo guard skills and a more coordinated game, it appears that LaMelo will enter the NBA draft being the top point guard on most draft boards. Ball is projected to be at least a top-5 pick. Just like his older brother Lonzo Ball in 2017, LaMelo has been drawing a lot of comparisons to some top players in the NBA and is also met with high expectations.

There’s no question that LaMelo is one of the most polarizing and intriguing prospects coming into the draft. But as good as advertised, it still fails to compare to Ball’s ambitious goal of being the best player of All-Time.


“15 years from now I want to be the best to ever play the game,” Ball told Christopher Riley of GQ Australia.


It goes without saying that Ball has some massive work to do to reach that kind of level. Only a few players are held to that same standard. In addition, Michael Jordan, who’s the widely recognized Greatest Player of All-Time, owns a resume filled of unprecedent individual and team successes that looks impossible to surpass. 

It’s still too early to say LaMelo would take that same direction, but the future is looking bright for the 18-year old point guard. Earlier this year, Ball was named the NBL Rookie of the Year after averaging 17.0 points, 7.6 rebounds, 6.8 assists and 1.6 steals per game in 12 games with the Illawarra Hawks.

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