Kyrie Irving Went At Celtics’ Young Guys For Not Knowing What It Takes To Be A Champion

Photo Credit: David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Kyrie Irving Went At Celtics’ Young Guys For Not Knowing What It Takes To Be A Champion


Last year’s Boston Celtics had been one of the biggest success stories of the 2017-18 NBA season.

A young team that lost both their All Stars, Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving ,who both underwent season-ending surgeries, made the Conference Finals nontheless. Boston’s young core (Tatum, Brown, Rozier) played brilliantly and made the fans almost forget about Irving and Hayward.

This season, with the two stars healthy and playing again, everyone expected the Celtics to be the East’s top dog and a contender. But in reality, the team is struggling at times. They are currently only  5th in the east with a 25-17 record. Not alarmingly bad, but certainly worse than expected.

Can there be something such as too much talent on a team? Are there too many potentially great players taking each other’s minutes? With the bar set extremly high, and everyone expecting great performances on the daily of the young players, their own achievements from last year, are actually working against them at the moment.

After last night’s loss to the Orlando Magic, Kyrie Irving was visibly frustrated and went at the Celtics’ young guys for not knowing what it’s like to play championship level basketball.


“The young guys don’t know what it takes to be a championship level team. What it takes every day. And if they think it is hard now, what do they think it will be like when we’re trying to get to the Finals? There were no expectations last year. Everyone played free and easy. Everyone surpassed whatever they expected for themselves. This year? We all have high expectations. The players, the coaches, everyone. And that’s good, but we aren’t doing it yet.”


I thought that’s what Kyrie is in Boston for? Leading the team and being a veteran for the young guys.

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