Kyrie Irving Says There’s No Need To Panic Amid Losing Streak, Says ‘Championships Habits’ Take Time

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Kyrie Irving Says There’s No Need To Panic Amid Losing Streak, Says ‘Championships Habits’ Take Time


The Brooklyn Nets have fallen out of the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference, now hovering in the sixth spot in the East with 29-23 record. The race in the East is extremely tight, and the Nets are only a game and half above the Boston Celtics, who are currently the eight seed in the conference.

The team has been plummeting hard since Kevin Durant went down with an injury, as evidenced by their current seven-game losing streak. Other than missing Durant’s production, the Nets continue to be in bad shape as Kyrie Irving remains a part-time player while James Harden is rumored to be frustrated with the team.

The situation they’re in right now hasn’t been ideal to many. However, Kyrie made it clear that there’s no level of panic for the Nets amid their current struggles. Offering more perspective on their team, Irving also added that it takes time for one team to build championship habits. 

Per ABC:


“It’s really just where we are, facing reality, that we’re not winning ballgames right now,” Irving said after the game. “And we got to kind of get out of that hole with just one win and then start a new streak from that point. But no time to feel like our season is in doomsday or we need to push the panic button at all points, but we have to face reality that a lot of guys, a lot of my teammates, we’re still getting to know one another, how we play, what’s our spots, offensive and defensive tendencies.

“Building championship habits takes time,” Irving said. “And time is not necessarily always on our side. I don’t know what game this is for me, so I’m still just getting used to being in this flow of everything right now, still being in an observant place. But building championship habits is staying resilient and knowing that there’s another level to push to when you’re tired and you have all the excuses in the world and you just continue on. You don’t hold your head or anything like that.”


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