Klay Thompson’s Behind-The-Scenes Antics Equally Exhausting As Draymond Green’s?


The Golden State Warriors have long been celebrated for their dynamic trio: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. While their on-court chemistry has led to multiple championships, recent reports have shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics that have been equally intriguing and, at times, exhausting.

Klay Thompson, who left the team after 13 years and four championships yesterday, has now been called out for his behind-the-scenes behavior. According to NBA analyst Jason Dumas, Thompson’s antics have been “equally exhausting” as those of his more vocal teammate, Draymond Green. While Green’s outbursts and confrontations are well-documented, Thompson’s issues have been more subtle but no less impactful.

Dumas highlighted that Thompson’s behavior, such as sulking on the bench and slamming objects, created an uncomfortable atmosphere within the team. This behavior, though quieter than Green’s, was equally disruptive in practices and the locker room. The tension reached a point where it contributed to the Warriors’ decision to let Thompson walk in free agency.


“Klay has been equally as exhausting behind the scenes. It’s not as loud. It’s not as loud because it’s not you stomping on someone’s chest. If he’s slamming stuff on the bench and sulking, and doing that on the court, how do you think it is in practice? How do you think it is in the locker room? It has been uncomfortable. It has. It just doesn’t come out as loudly as Draymond Green.”



Draymond Green’s antics are no secret. Known for his fiery personality, Green has been involved in numerous on-court incidents, including altercations with opponents and even teammates. His behavior has led to suspensions and fines, but it has also been a double-edged sword for the Warriors. While his intensity can galvanize the team, it can also create friction.

Green himself has acknowledged the need to control his emotions and reduce the “antics” that have plagued his career. He has committed to playing with more composure, recognizing that his behavior can be a distraction. Despite these efforts, Green’s reputation for being a volatile presence remains a significant part of his identity.

The combined effect of Thompson’s and Green’s behavior has been a challenge for the Warriors’ management and coaching staff. Balancing the need for their on-court contributions with managing their off-court antics has been a delicate task. The decision to part ways with Thompson, despite his legendary status with the team, underscores the extent to which his behavior had become a concern.

As Thompson embarks on a new chapter with the Dallas Mavericks, it remains to be seen how his presence will impact his new team. Meanwhile, the Warriors continue to navigate the complexities of maintaining team harmony with Green still on the roster.

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