Kevin Garnett Observes A Resemblance Between Bronny James And Kobe Bryant


Bronny James continues to draw attention as he pursues his journey to the NBA. While being the son of LeBron James is a significant selling point, many are excited about Bronny’s potential as a defensive-minded guard who can impose his athleticism and stretch the floor.

Currently, he is not projected to land in the first round, and massive doubt still linger. But the optimists are increasing, especially after his impressive showing at the NBA Draft Combine. It seems NBA legend Kevin Garnett has also come onboard.

Appearing on “KG Certified,” Garnett mentioned that if he were running a team, he would take a chance on drafting the young athletic prospect.


 “Bronny looks really good, [Paul]. He looks really good. He looks poised, he looks like he wasn’t rattled by everything that was going around, he looks like he’s used to the moment, he had a good session where he shot the ball well,” Garnett said. “If I am a team bro, I would actually take a chance on that. Because greatness runs through bro’s veins. You got to know at some point, he’s going to have a growth spurt and it’s going to click.”


But Garnett’s observations didn’t stop there. In the same interview, the player-turned-analyst made an intriguing comparison, suggesting a resemblance between Bronny and a young Kobe Bryant. 


“[Bryant] had great bones and great makeup to build off of. Bronny shows some of that same make,” Garnett continued. “I’m not calling him young Kobe or none of that, but I’m saying that potential, when you see him go through the shooting drills, when you see [he] got the vertical, when you see him going [through] the athletics. … I saw it. I was watching it, and I was like, ‘Man, if somebody got that early and was able to develop that.’”


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