Kevin Garnett Hilariously ‘Barked’ At Jeff Teague While On All Fours During NBA Playoff Game


Kevin Garnett was known for his intensity and competitiveness on the basketball court. But he was also known for his mastery of trash talking. Garnett was a master of getting into his opponents’ heads and using their emotions against them. He was known for his creative and often hilarious insults, and he was never afraid to cross the line.

Garnett’s trash talking was often effective in getting his opponents off their game. He would often get them to argue with him or retaliate with fouls, which would disrupt their focus and rhythm. His trash talking was also a way to motivate himself and his teammates. It would get them fired up and ready to play.

Jeff Teague now shared a hilarious story of how Kevin Garnett tried to get in his head during a playoff game… by getting on all fours and barking at him like a dog.


Lou Williams: “Who was the most annoying person you ever played against?”

Jeff Teague: “Definitely Dennis Schroder.”

Lou: “Did you play against KG?”

Teague: “[Kevin Garnett] got on all fours and barked at me in a playoff game.”


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