Kevin Garnett Does Not Want His Jersey Retired In Minnesota

Photo Credit: David Sherman/NBA

Kevin Garnett Does Not Want His Jersey Retired In Minnesota


There should be no doubt that Kevin Garnett is the greatest Timberwolves player in franchise history.

Known for his intensity, versatility and incredible defense, Garnett is one of the greatest power forwards to ever play the game. The Big Ticket also is one of only four players to win both the Most Valuable Player and the Defensive Player of the Year awards.

During his NBA career, Garnett played for the Minnesota Timberwolves in two different stints, making it possible for him to end his career in 2016, where it all started in 1995. While he won his ring in Boston, his best years and his absolute peak was in Minnesota.

But it turns out that the franchise’s most famous son, doesn’t want his jersey retired in Minnesota. This though is for one reason, and one reason only; Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor. That’s what the 15-time All-Star told The Athletic.


“Glen knows where I’m at, I’m not entertaining it. First of all, it’s not genuine. Two, he’s getting pressure from a lot of fans and, I guess, the community there. Glen and I had an understanding before Flip died, and when Flip died, that understanding went with Flip. For that, I won’t forgive Glen. I won’t forgive him for that. I thought he was a straight up person, straight up business man, and when Flip died, everything went with him.”


Back in 2015, when Garnett came back to finish his career in Minneapolis, he was about to join the team’s ownership group – something the late, great Flip Saunders arranged with Taylor for Garnett.

After Saunders passed away later that year, Taylor did not honor the plans he had with Saunders and Garnett, leaving the about to be Hall of Famer and Taylor in discordance.

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