Kevin Garnett also Retiring ahead of next Season?!?


Kevin Garnett also Retiring ahead of next Season?!?


“I just asked him, ‘Kevin, what are you going to do?’ His answer was, ‘I’d really like to play next year ‘cuz I’d like to go out knowing we got into the playoffs,’ ” Taylor said.

“Then he said, ‘I don’t know if I can.’

“I asked him, ‘What does that mean?’ And he said, ‘I don’t know.’

“So I asked the question but I didn’t get an answer that helped me. Yes, theoretically, he’d like to play. But he has some doubts of his knees holding up. I believe he told me exactly the truth.”

– Glen Taylor (Timberwolves owner)


This could very well mean, that we’ve seen the last of Kevin Garnett on an NBA hardwood. We’ve just barley got over Tim Duncan’s retirement, but the next shock might be in store in the coming weeks: The end of Kevin Garnett’s NBA career.

The 2004 MVP and 15-time All Star says he wants to play another season, but just isn’t sure if his knees would be holding up by doing so. After only playing 38 games last season and averaging a Kevin Garnett unlike 3.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game, it might be, as stupid as this may sound, for the better. I don’t want the old players to retire, but on the other side, I don’t want to see them play poorly because of their age either. We could compare ‘How I met your mother’s’ “nothing ever good happens after 2am”, with the current situation. I don’t want to see Tim Duncan or Kevin Garnett, players who dominated a whole era, be a shadow of their former glory. I want to remember them as one-man wrecking crews, manhandling opponents and dominating the game.

Kevin Garnett still had a very impactful season last year, mentoring rookie of the year Karl-Anthony Towns, a player, who most likely has a Garnett or Duncan like future ahead of him.

“He’s my mentor. Everything he knows, and countless years he’s been playing this game at a high level, [I am] just trying to garner information from him every day. Learn how to be a better leader, how to be a champion, just to be a true professional.”

-Karl-Anthony Towns


Seeing Kevin Garnett mentoring and coaching like this, I would be surprised if he didn’t end up being a coach in the near future. He’s got everything it takes. In the meantime, I’m saying goodbye for now, to Tim and possibly to Kevin, wiping off my tears consoling myself that we still got Dirk. We still got Dirk…

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