Kevin Durant Surprises A Fan For His Graduation

Photo Credit: Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant Surprises A Fan For His Graduation


The coronavirus pandemic has prompted a detrimental effect to a large number of students globally. Besides the negative effect it caused to the wellbeing of many students, it has also taken away long-held dreams of graduation ceremonies and parties that graduating students have been eagerly waiting for.

Since graduating students are not allowed to celebrate their graduation through large mass gatherings and parties, a ton of new options and procedures are taking place in order to honor them and make their graduations feel extra special – and different personalities including NBA players are helping to making it possible.

One of them being two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durant. During an Instagram live of a graduate whose girlfriend set him up to connect to Durant, the Brooklyn Nets superstar could be seen delivering a graduation message.



NBA players continue to use their influence to show inspirational acts, not only on but also off the court. Aside from Durant, former teammate Stephen Curry, and LeBron James also offered their hand to honor graduating students.


As for Kevin Durant, no matter how much people hate and ridicule him because of his free agency move, on-court behavior or social media antics — people just can’t despise him for being a great and inspirational guy to his fans.

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