Kevin Durant Shares Scathing Response To Adrian Wojnarowski’s Report On His Frustration With Suns


The Phoenix Suns commenced the season with lofty aspirations, yet presently find themselves in a state of mediocrity within the Western Conference.

As per reports from the media, this situation is leading to a sense of frustration for Kevin Durant. A couple of days ago, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that it becomes evident that Durant’s frustration is palpable, if you engage in conversations with people within the Phoenix Suns franchise. Wojnarowski made reference to Bradley Beal’s injuries and the lackluster performance of supporting players as contributing factors.



But while the Phoenix Suns indeed only have a 15-15 record, currently placing them only in tenth position within the Western Conference, Durant, in his own right, has grown weary of the conjecture.

He took to Instagram and expressed his thoughts on a post pertaining to the swirling rumors about him. Although he later removed the comment, screenshots serve as a lasting testament. Durant openly criticized both Woj and the fans for perpetuating such speculation.


Woj says somebody else “feels” that I’m frustrated and it turned into me being mentally checked out. This [expletive] crazy, these people can flat out lie on my name and make [expletive] up and you people will believe it but when my teammates and coaches speak on how i am as a teammate, you ignore it.” 


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