Kevin Durant Says Nets’ Inconsistency Was Reason For Trade Demand


When James Harden was traded to the Brooklyn Nets, teaming up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, they quickly became an instant title contenders in many people’s eyes. But, despite having these three future Hall of Famers, the Nets didn’t become as dominant as everyone expected.

The best they could manage was a 48-win season and a second-round playoff appearance during the 2020-21 NBA season. The following season began their decline, with Harden’s exit followed by Irving and Durant in the subsequent year.

Durant, currently playing for the Phoenix Suns, now talked about his Nets exit and his reasoning.

Per New York Post:


“It just wasn’t no continuity on who we were as a team. When you want to win a championship you’ve got to build an identity from Day 1. It was a lot of circumstances out of the players’ control that got in the way.”



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