Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Will Be In Attendance When LeBron James Breaks His Record

Getty Images


It’s only a matter of time until LeBron James officially breaks the all-time NBA scoring record that Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has been holding since 1989. LeBron is currently 37 points away from doing so and is expected to surpass Abdul-Jabbar either against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, or possibly more fittingly against the Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday.

There’s a lot of excitement and chatters going on among NBA circles as LeBron moves closer to the all-time scoring record. Even Kareem once tweeted that he’d be glad to congratulate the 38-year old Lakers superstar when the time finally comes.

However, Kareem has often criticized James for different things, such as LeBron’s stance on the Covid-19 vaccine an as well as his silence when it comes to criticizing China for its wrongdoings.

This is why it may come as a surprise to many that Abdul-Jabbar will be in attendance at Crypto.com Arena when LeBron James breaks his all-time record.


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