Jury Selection In Trial That Could Send Marcus And Markieff Morris To Jail Has Started

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Jury Selection In Trial That Could Send Marcus And Markieff Morris To Jail Has Started


Avery Bradley to the Detroit Pistons in exchange for Marcus Morris – A trade many people thought of being one-sided.

It turns out Boston’s acquisition, Marcus Morris, may not even be able to play for his new team.

The Morris brothers have a pending criminal law matter that could lead to NBA suspensions, or even a prison sentences. The twin brothers are scheduled to go to trial on August 21 in Arizona, to face felony charges for aggravated assault, and according to reports of the AP (via AZCentral.com), Jury selection started yesterday.


“Jury selection is set to begin Wednesday in Phoenix in the aggravated assault trial of NBA players and identical twins Marcus and Markieff Morris.”


If they’re convicted, the charges would carry a maximum prison sentence of almost 4 years. While it isn’t very likely that they would face the maximum sentence, some jailtime doesn’t seem too unrealistic. As of now, a suspended sentence, probation and required community service, seems as the most realistic option.

But why the charges? In 2015, the Morris twins (together with 3 friends) assaulted Erik Hood, who then was hospitalized with a broken nose and other facial injuries.

Hood, who claims that he has known the brothers for years, may have been attackted due to an inappropriate text to Morris’ mother. Both brothers have denied any involvement.

But even with no jailtime, the Morris brothers could be suspended by the NBA. The NBA’s collective bargaining agreement states:


“When a player is convicted, pleads guilty or pleads no contest to a violent felony, he shall immediately be suspended by the NBA for a minimum of ten (10) games.”


Cases like this oftern are pled down to lesser charges, but any admission of guilt would come with a suspension from the NBA.

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