Jordan Bell Perfectly Trolled The Bulls Who Traded Him For Cash Considerations

Photo Credit: Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

Jordan Bell Perfectly Trolled The Bulls Who Traded Him For Cash Considerations


The Chicago Bulls may have made their worst decision of the year during this year’s NBA Draft.

When it was the Bulls’ turn to make their pick in the 2nd round, they drafted Jordan Bell 38th overall. That clearly wasn’t a mistake, as Bell now is considered a steal. The mistake was to sell his draft rights to the Golden State Warriors for $3.5 million.

Then, during Summer League, one could quickly see that Jordan Bell emulates Draymond Green’s game and the Warriors style of play to perfection. A small-ball team, who’s system of transition, run-and-gun basketball won them two championships over the last three years, will be an excellent fit for Bell.

Just like Green, Bell–listed 6-foot-9–is a versatile defender who uses his strength and athleticism on both ends of the floor. As well as having similarities with Green on the basketball court, Bell and Green share a past of football. If it wasn’t for basketball, Bell, a high school standout, would have taken up on college football offers. Green played football throughout high school and briefly for Michigan State, but turned to basketball.

Last night, Jordan Bell had his first career NBA start. Interestingly enough, it was against the team that drafted him. Bell had himself a great all around game and played some incredible defense. He finished with 7 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 6 blocks in 26 minutes of action.

Before and during the game, Bell took some shots towards his ‘former’ team. Having every intention of reminding the Bulls that they gave him away for some cash, he had multiple gestures that symbolized rubbing money togehter throughout the night.

The game hadn’t even started when Bell reminded the Bulls for the first time.


“I wanted to see how cash considerations was doing over there,”



Then, during the game and up 140-94, Bell made the money sign again saying “3.5.”


“At first, I was thinking of all types of things to troll the other team, like doing [money hand gestures] and [saying] ‘3.5,’” Bell said after the game. “But as we got closer to the game, I was just mainly focused on the basketball game and trying to win it.


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