John Stockton Rips LeBron James LeBron James: “It Would Be Maddening To Be His Teammate”


For many, many years, NBA fans have made fun of LeBron James for being too involved in personnel decisions with the franchises he is a part of, even giving him the nickname ‘LeGM’ in the process.

Now, John Stockton, who is the NBA’s all-time leader in assists and steals, has shared his two cents on the topic and went at LeBron James.


“I don’t know what it’s like to sit in that front office and have things [dictated] to you like a plan, and it appears that LeBron is.”

I don’t know for sure that he is, but it appears so. I think it would be maddening as a teammate to know that you can be expendable for one of his guys that he thinks he needs to play with. The iffiness it causes with the team, the iffiness that it causes upstairs. I don’t like it … I’m not a fan of it.”


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