Joe Ingles Is Ready To Walk Away And Never Play Basketball Again To Protect His Family From Coronavirus

Photo Credit: Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

Joe Ingles Is Ready To Walk Away And Never Play Basketball Again To Protect His Family From Coronavirus


Utah Jazz swingman Joe Ingles has been a prime example of the rise and high caliber of players coming to US shores from the other side of the world. Ingles has been impressive for the Jazz in these last couple of seasons, and has become a very important player for the playoff team.

The Australian is also one of the players who can get hot at any given moment. Curry, Thompson, Redick, and Ingles to just name the players who come into mind first. Over these past few years Ingles has become one of the NBA’s best shooters and a fan favorite.

His off the court ‘performances’ are even more impressive though, and show what a great guy he really is. To name a few examples; Ingles helped a young fan see again after deciding to buy him the $10,000 glasses he needed but couldn’t afford, and also invited an autistic man to a game, after being touched by his story.

Autism also is the reason we might not see Ingles in the NBA ever again. 

Ingles’ oldest son has autism and is in the ‘risk group’ of people for whom the coronavirus is especially dangerous, due to a weakened immune system.

So if the NBA will re-star wherever within the next few months, it is likely that Ingles won’t be present in order to protect his family from the virus. 

Per Yahoo Sports Australia:

“I’m prepared to walk away, fly to Australia and never play another game in my life and be very content with it. It’s not worth it,”

“As for basketball, it’s a bit more difficult, but I think that as we go ahead and find out more information about it, it will be easier to make a decision. But I am in no way willing to risk my children, and Renae, and everything else, to go play basketball.”

This obviously would be a huge blow for the Utah Jazz and their hopes to have a deep playoff run. The Jazz have already lost their other wing shooter, Bojan Bogdanovic due to season ending surgery, and would be left without any fire power on their wing positions.

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