Joe Ingles Helps Leagally Blind, Young Jazz Fan Being Able To See

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

Joe Ingles Helps Leagally Blind, Young Jazz Fan Being Able To See


Seven-year old Landon Carter is a huge Utah Jazz fan, but unfortunately, also legally blind. His father Jeff Carter explains his son’s situation:


“He was born with a condition called aniridia. That means Landon was born without irises; Everything he sees is perpetually blurry. His whole world needs to be right in front of his face instead of really being able to live the whole world,”


Then, last year, the Utah Jazz reached out to Carter, saying they were testing a new technology to help visually impaired fans see the games, using a new technology provided by eSight.

The problem for Landon was that they cost $10,000, and his family simply could not afford them. But Jazz guard Joe Ingles, who met with Landon last year already, wanted for Landon to have that kind of vision in his every day life, so he decided to buy the $10,000 glasses to give them to Landon.

At, the Jazz’s last regular season home game, Landon was invited by Ingles and the Jazz. He came, bringing his glasses along and, for the first time ever, was really able to see the game he loves.


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