Jimmy Butler Shows Support And Gifts Basketball Hoops To Miami Heat Teammates

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Jimmy Butler Shows Support And Gifts Basketball Hoops To Miami Heat Teammates


With social distancing protocols and the league in hiatus, countless of NBA players find themselves struggling to find an environment to play basketball in, or without access to a hoop. Like many others, Jimmy Butler and the rest of the Miami Heat franchise are also affected by this situation. 

But this situation doesn’t stop the unwavering mentality and approach that Butler has for the game of basketball. The Miami Heat All-Star bought a hoop for himself in order to practice and play basketball. He also made sure that none of his teammates get left behind, went ahead, bought a bunch more to gift one to each of his teammates and coaches.

Besides donating to his teammates and coaches, Butler also gave hoops to players in two-way contracts and living in condominiums, according to Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald. Moreover, it is reported that Jimmy Buckets is planning to send a number of hoops to schools and youth centers, once the current peak of the pandemic has regressed.


The baskets from Lifetime, a company based in Utah that manufactures various products, were delivered to Heat players and coaches a few days ago. Even the players living in condominiums and two-way contract players living in a Miami hotel received them, with the option to have them then sent to their offseason homes.

In addition, Butler will donate a number of the same portable baskets to schools and youth centers around Miami once children are permitted to return to those areas after the peak of the pandemic.


This team-oriented characteristic and support by Butler was eventually recognized by his own teammate Goran Dragic who received one of his donations.


“Two days ago I received a big box, I opened it and it was a basketball hoop from Jimmy,” Dragic said Sunday in an Instagram Live discussion with Heat television host Jason Jackson. “My first hoop [that I have] is for kids. So basically, it was not a real hoop for me. Yesterday [Saturday] I was putting together all these pieces and finally I made it. I already shot some shots to take advantage of that. Jimmy, thank you brother. I appreciate it.”


Hopefully, this will help Butler and the players to stay in shape while basketball facilities are closed for an indefinite period. He remains to be a lead by example guy and a class-act as he continues to make an impact off the court, not only for his team but also to undeserved communities.

Before the hiatus, the 30-year old shooting guard was averaging 20.2 points, 6.6 rebounds and 6.1 assists on 45.4 % shooting, leading the Heat to the fourth-best record in the East.


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