Jeff Teague Thinks Chris Paul Might Have The Edge Over Allen Iverson


One just can’t escape hearing about Chris Paul and Allen Iverson, even though they played the game in completely different ways. This happened again on the “Club 520 Podcast” when former NBA point guard Jeff Teague started a debate comparing the two.

Iverson is one of the most influential players of all time, with greatness that goes beyond being a cultural icon. He boasts multiple All-Star appearances, All-NBA team selections, scoring titles, an MVP award, and led the Philadelphia 76ers to the 2001 NBA Finals.

Iverson’s reputation and skillset are undeniable. However, Teague believes Paul can hang with him. From an NBA Finals appearance to All-NBA selections, All-Defensive Teams, and leading the league in assists and steals, Teague thinks Paul has a better career than Iverson.


“Chris Paul is just as good as Allen Iverson… his career is better than Allen Iverson’s.”


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