Jeff Teague Says NBA Betting’s Biggest Problem Is Players Betting On Their Own ‘Under’


The National Basketball Association has recently opened an investigation into prop betting irregularities concerning Toronto Raptors forward Jontay Porter. The inquiry comes after a series of unusual betting activities were reported over several months, casting a shadow over the integrity of the sport.

Jontay Porter, a player who has oscillated between the NBA and the G League for four seasons, is at the center of this probe. The NBA’s focus is on prop bets involving Porter from games on January 26 and March 20, which have raised suspicions due to the patterns of betting and the outcomes of the wagers – resulting in the ‘under’ hitting on all prop bets.

Former NBA point guard Jeff Teague now talked about the case and NBA betting in general. Teague says that if you’re having a gambling problem as an active NBA player, it’s way too easy to get the under on oneself:


“This the problem with sports betting, the NBA put it in the game where you can bet. If you got any type of addiction or problem with gambling. You’re gonna be itching at that. I play in the league, I know I ain’t playing tonight. Get the under on myself. Easy thou.”


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