Jazz Fan Starts Go Fund Me To Raise The $25K For Westbrook’s Fine

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Jazz Fan Starts Go Fund Me To Raise The $25K For Westbrook’s Fine


Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook is being approached by hecklers quite often, maybe because he’s one of the few players who has never been one to put up with everything, therefore regularly reacting to the hecklers, but when it comes to racial slurs, a line is crossed by fans that requires repercussions. Thankfully, these repercussions were taken after the latest incident during the Thunder vs Jazz game a couple of days ago.

The fan got banned for life! But Westbrook was fined $25k nonetheless.

A group of Jazz fans have now started a GoFundMe campaign with the goal to reach Westbrook’s fine and donate the money to the Human Right Campaign Foundation.

“In light of recent events between Russell Westbrook & a few outlying Jazz fans, I am calling for the true, loyal, welcoming & kind Utah Jazz fans to show our true colors,” Devin Deaton, a Jazz fan from Sandy, explained in the GoFundMe’s description.

“It is time to change the narrative on citizens of Utah, fans of the Jazz and those that call Utah ‘home,’” Deaton continued. “We are not a bunch of redneck, racist, bigots. Most of us are dads, moms, friends, hard-workers, kind-hearted, do right by each other, help our fellow man, good neighbors and welcoming to all.”

As of now, The GoFundMe has already raised over $10,000.

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