James Harden Is Looking For Foul Calls Even At His Own Camp

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James Harden Is Looking For Foul Calls Even At His Own Camp


You know you draw a lot of fouls when the NBA makes a rule change because of you.

In last year’s summer, the NBA announced that they will be implementing a couple of (minor) rule changes.

Minor changes for most players, but huge changes for one player specifically – James Harden.

Labeled as the ‘Harden Rule’ this new rule was implemented to attempt to limit players from collecting cheap shooting fouls, and is an extension of the rip-through move that was implemented earlier this year. According to Howard Beck, referees will be making distinction between fouls that occur on the drive or gather versus fouls on actual shooting motion.  If a player has not yet gathered the ball when contact occurs, it’s a common foul, not a shooting foul.

Harden nontheless led the league in free throw attemps per game (by a huge margin) for yet another year. He found new ways to draw fouls, and gets fouled a lot, too.

This past weekend, the MVP was holding one of his own Basketball ProCamp sessions in Houston, and challenged one of the kids at the camp to defend him. Of course he tried to draw a foul and even posted about it on Instagram, asking his followers if it was clean or not. He’s too funny!


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