James Harden Confirms He Will Return To 76ers Next Season, Says He Will Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Compete At The Highest Level


James Harden Confirms His Return To Sixers Next Season, Will Do “Whatever It Takes To Help This Team”


After the Philadelphia 76ers second round playoff exit, courtesy of the Miami Heat, James Harden has become the easy and obvious scapegoat. 

Sure, Harden’s performances ever since joining the Sixers can be described as uninspired or lackluster, with a couple of exceptions, but overall, he isn’t the key problem. Philly simply has had these type of problems way too long, whether it be with Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler, or even before they started the so called process.

This year, Joel Embiid playing with a broken face and torn ligaments in his thumb certainly also was part of the explanation of their their second exit. But with a healthy Embiid, a healthy Harden and Tyrese Maxey steadily making his way to NBA stardom, the Sixers should focus and attack again next season.

Harden at least confirmed that he will return to Philly next season and do whatever it takes to allow this team to compete at the highest level moving forward.


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