Jamal Murray Kentucky Highlights Montage – All-Around Scorer!


Jamal Murray Kentucky Highlights Montage – All-Around Scorer


Murray is one of the top prospects in tonight’s draft. He is the only Kentucky player to have scored over 30 points in more than one game during a freshman season. He is currently tied with Terrence Jones for most points in a game by a UK freshman (35). 

Murray’s skill-level and aggressiveness is what separates him from your average guard (particularly for a teenager), and that starts with his capacity as one of the most prolific shooter/scorers in the college ranks. His jumper is a finely tuned weapon that has been honed through thousands of hours of repetition in the gym, and he hit 41% of his 3-pointers on a huge volume of attempts (nearly eight per game). His stroke is compact and repeatable, getting good elevation to create separation from the defense, to go along with an unlimited confidence in his ability to make shots from anywhere on the floor.

Murray was magnificent as a spot-up shooter for Kentucky, but was particularly impressive coming off screens, as no player in college basketball even came close to delivering the accuracy he did (42/75, 56%) running off picks this season. He does an incredible job of moving off the ball with exquisite timing, and then catching, setting his feet and getting his shot off in one quick and smooth motion, with tremendous balance and body control. He is capable of contorting his body and throwing the ball in the basket from the most awkward of angles, with phenomenal touch and feel.

Murray’s scoring instincts also show up in the way he changes pace in the open court and attacks closeouts with excellent footwork and timing. While not a high flyer, he uses the glass craftily in traffic with runners, floaters and off-hand finishes. He’s stronger than he looks on first glance, and has a good feel for drawing fouls, pushing off defenders subtly, and finding ways to put points up more effectively than you’d think considering his average tools.

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