Jamal Crawford Reveals His ‘Filthy Top 5’ List

Photo Credit: NBAE via Getty Images

Jamal Crawford Reveals His ‘Filthy Top 5’ List


Jamal Crawford ist one of the filthiest players and best ball handlers this league has ever seen. During his long NBA career, the three time-winner of the 6th man of the year award, played against some incredible talent.

This is the reason Crawford was asked about his ‘filthy five’ during a recent appearance on the Rex Chapman Show.


“Steph Curry is filthy, Kyrie is filthy, KD is filthy, and Kobe and Michael Jordan are filthy. They are filthy, take me off, that’s why I got this five if you want. Allen Iverson is, we should have did just guards, five small guard, but yeah, Allen Iverson is filthy too.”


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