Jalen Brunson Talks About Receiving Death Threats To Family, Including Unborn Child


Jalen Brunson is putting the NBA universe on notice as he continues to lead the way for the New York Knicks in this year’s playoffs.

The Knicks have been longing for a franchise-altering talent for a long time, and it seems they may have finally found it in Brunson. 

But even though he is the best Knicks players in ages, Brunson still had to live through a horrible fan experience with a “fan”. Then, the Scumbag in question threatened his entire family, including his unborn child.


“I actually played well that day. So I don’t know what the problem was. They were like, ‘we’re going to kill everyone in your family.’ Like they went down the line. ‘Your mother, your unborn kids.‘ All that,” 


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