Jack Black To Kawhi Leonard: “F**k You, You’re Going Down!”

Jack Black To Kawhi Leonard: “F**k You, You’re Going Down!”


Actor and rockstar Jack Black is an avid Lakers fan and can’t understand why Kawhi Leonard chose to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers, rather than with his Lakers.

That’s why the comedian hilariously ripped the Finals MVP for choosing the wrong team in a NSWF video.


“Remember where you heard it here first,” Black said in the video. “Kawhi Leonard, hoowee! Won the championship, MVP, and now he’s in Los Angeles. Wrong team though, dude! Why don’t you come to the Lakers? The three-headed hydra? You would’ve won a four-peat! Duh! Come on, man!

It’s exciting, though. It’s good to be alive during the epic head-to-head battle of Lakers-Clippers. LeBron-Kawhi. The battle will be bloodthirsty. Who will emerge victorious? LeBron will, of course! I’m changing gears now, Kawhi! F*ck you. You’re going down!”


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