Ja Morant’s Lawyer Fires Back, Says Allegations Against Ja Are ‘Blantant Lie’

Photo Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports


Yesterday, we reported how Memphis police records show that Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant was accused of repeatedly punching a teenage boy in the head, while also threatening him with a gun last summer.

The teenager reportedly threw a ball in Morant’s face during a pickup basketball game at Moran’t house, which led to the Grizzlies star allegedly punching him in the face repeatedly, leaving a large lump on the side of boy’s head.

Now, Morant’s lawyer, Keenan Carter, released a statement, claiming that the reports about the alleged incident are defamatory and a ‘blatant lie.’


“Today, a Washington Post journalist chose to post a blatant lie to social media, claiming Mr. Morant pointed a gun at a 17-year-old. There was not and is not a basis for this defamatory statement. To be clear – this did not happen and no one claims that it did other than one irresponsible journalist. Her conduct was both unprofessional and reckless. Mr. Morant will defend his name, reputation, and seek legal recourse immediately.”


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