J.R. Smith Reveals Players Were Getting High ‘As F**k’ In 2020 NBA Bubble

Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

J.R. Smith Reveals Players Were Getting High ‘As F**k’ In 2020 NBA Bubble


The 2020 NBA playoffs were inarguably the most bizarre situation NBA teams have ever encountered. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teams had to adjust in a closed, isolated environment with a lack of fans, no home-court advantage, and no cross-city travels and such.

Two-time NBA champion JR Smith, who went back to school last year, enrolling at North Carolina A&T for a degree in liberal studies, now added some insights from his time in bubble.

During his appearance on the ‘All The Smoke’ Podcast, Smith revealed that there was a lot of weed smoking going on in the Bubble, and how some players even took the court while being high.


Matt Barnes: “Question. Since it’s pretty much legal now in the NBA, you don’t have to mention no names, was tree in the air in the bubble?”

JR Smith: “Aw yeah. We was blowing it down in there.”

Barnes: “Was you? I knew it!”

Smith: “That was the only way you could really function in that joint.”

Stephen Jackson: “Remember we was on FaceTime, you was rolling up and telling us how miserable you was when you was in the bubble?”

Smith: “It was cool, I’m glad it happened because it finally broke that barrier and that stigma that you couldn’t play and all of this, it was a drug, it was this and that. But when you go to the bubble basketball, some of them dudes was — granted, it was like practice games and some of ’em really can’t play that well in front of 30,000 — but at the same time you saw some of the best level of basketball.”


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