It’s Official! After 20 Years, SlamBall Will Be Making Its Comeback This Summer



To all my fellow 90s kids, this will bring back some crazy memories. Ready for the nostalgia? SlamBall will soon make its comeback!!!!!

I remember watching the highly intense sports often back in the day, mostly with my brother. We were celebrating the insane poster dunks and monster blocks.



The cross between basketball, football and extreme trampolining will return this summer. Last year, 20 years after it was last aired, SlamBall founder Mason Gordon told TMZ that the sport would be returning in the summer of 2023.

Fast forward to today,…. and IT IS happening THIS July, according to Front Office Sports, with a six-week regular season and a one-week playoff in Las Vegas, thanks to a group of investors that include Gary V and Blake Griffin.


Slamball is officially making its return. They have raised $11 million from a group of investors that includes Michael Rubin, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Blake Griffin, and the six-week regular season will start in July. Let’s go!!


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