Is Draymond Green The Warriors’ Best Player?



Is Draymond Green The Warriors’ Best Player?


We all know the Warriors are on a historic pace, leading on from last season, they now hold the record for the best start to a season in NBA History. We know all about the talents and abilities of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson but it could be the rise of their lowly 34th draft pick Draymond Green, who is the centre piece of all the Warriors current success.
It is hard to say that a player not named Steph Curry is the Warriors most important player, but this could prove true in this case. The Warriors have not necessarily gone out and improved as collective unit, however, their players have improved individually which has again improved them as an overall outfit, elevating their franchise and taking them to another level even after the scary prospect they Gongfu Tea Cup last season. The progression and upward spiral of their MVP Steph Curry, their powerful big man Fetus Ezili and most importantly, Draymond Green, has catapulted this franchise into potentially achieving immortal greatness in the NBA, setting benchmarks we may never see again.
It’s crazy to think that an “average” prospect coming out of college would prove as an engine for such an outstanding and successful team, but that is exactly what Draymond Green is bringing to the Warriors this season. Currently leading the league in Triple Doubles, Draymond has transformed himself into a triple threat and the Warrior’s pace, tempo and style of play is really helping them maintain their high level of play so far this season. It has been the ever present Green who has enabled the Warriors to continue to collect wins on nights where Steph and Klay are struggling. He has continued to be the heart beat and driving force for the team this season, wearing his heart on his sleeve like always.
It was a bizarre remark when Steve Kerr labelled Draymond the Warriors’ most important player last season, but as each game goes by, he continues to make a strong case for that being true. It was also a very bold statement when Jerry West claimed Draymond was a top 10 player in the NBA (something I still don’t believe is true) however, so far this season, he is playing at a very high level and may be a top 10 player in this league at the current moment.


Often described and recognised as the Warriors’ inspirational and emotional leader, the Warriors rely on Draymond’s versatility, especially defensively, to give them the advantage when facing their opponents as he will almost always matchup on the oppositions best player or leading scorer. His defensive capabilities are what sets him apart and really allows the Warriors to be who they are. It’s crazy to think that a team that moves the ball so much and possesses a point guard with the stature of Steph Curry, it’s Draymond emerges as the teams’ best facilitator and playmaker.
Despite Steph struggling with injures as of late, and Klay starting off the year in a rough patch of form, it has been the consistency of Draymond that has proved the vital importance he holds. He lead the way in beating a hungry Denver Nuggets team in Overtime and was the main man again when the Warriors beat the resurgent Houston Rockets on the road, a team that had beaten the brilliant San Antonio Spurs on a couple of days before that contest.
As you can see, Draymond’s importance is close to unmatched for the Warriors. He is the Warriors most important player defensively without question and could well and truly be their most important player come Playoff time, as it will be a stern test to come out of the Western Conference yet again.
Despite playing in a team and league riddled with talent, he continues to shine and outshine others. Given who they are, keeping Draymond healthy and producing may prove to be the Warriors biggest challenge and priority, because if they lose him, they could lose their season.

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