How The Los Angeles Lakers Harm Themselves By Winning Games in April

Photo Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

How The Los Angeles Lakers Harm Themselves By Winning Games in April


The Los Angeles Lakers played well and surprisingly beat the San Antonio Spurs last night. It was the Lakers’ second win in a row and with the Warriors beating the Suns, the Lakers now hold the NBA’s third-worst record. That’s bad news for the teams future.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ first round pick in this year’s draft is top three protected. That means if the Lakers won’t get a top 3 pick, they will lose their pick to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Things get even worse for the Lakers if you take a look on their schedule for the last couple of games. Every game is winable. They’ll host the Kings on Friday, followed by Sunday’s matchup against the Timberwolves, who will be closing out a four-game road trip, are out of the playoffs and probably tired. Next up is a match against the Pelicans on Tuesday. The Lakers’ final regular season game will be against the Warriors, who may be resting some of their key players, with the playoffs in sight. With 2 straight wins in the bag, it’s not even that unlikely for the Lakers to win five of their final six games and possibly destroy their hopes for a good draft pick in this year’s talented NBA draft.

As of now, the Lakers only have a 46.9% chance to get a top 3 pick. Lakers fans, it’s officially time to start sweating.



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