How A Round Of Golf With Michael Jordan Helped A 15-Year Old Justin Thomas Pay For His First Car


Recently, Justin Thomas, a two-time major winner and one of golf’s brightest stars, recounted an unforgettable round of golf with none other than basketball icon Michael Jordan. The stakes? Enough to make even the most seasoned pro’s palms sweat.

Thomas, who appeared on ‘The Late Show’ with Stephen Colbert, shared the story of how a teenage caddie experience turned into a high-pressure match that would help pay for his first car. At just 15 years old, Thomas was handed the opportunity to play alongside Jordan, a man whose competitive spirit is as legendary as his athletic prowess.

The setting was Harmony Landing Country Club, where Thomas’ father was the head pro. Jordan, in town for the Kentucky Derby, was looking for a game and ended up teeing off with Thomas’ dad, with young Justin on the bag. But the game took an unexpected turn when Jordan, known for his love of gambling and competition, invited Thomas to join him for the last seven holes.

With money on the line and the pressure mounting, Thomas delivered an astounding performance, making four birdies in the last seven holes. It was a display of skill and nerve that not only impressed Jordan but also contributed significantly to Thomas’ first car fund—a story that seems almost too good to be true.


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