Guy’s Christmas Ruined After Getting Fake Jordans

Photo Credit: Anat Givon/AP Photo

Guy’s Christmas Ruined After Getting Fake Jordans


Over the past 20 years, Jordan sneakers have definitely become a status symbol. Even though they’re pricy, a lot of young people have at least one pair of Jordans in their closet, if they can afford it.

For those who can’t, there still is the black market. Even though it’s illegal, counterfeit shoes are available at a fraction of the cost. While they harm the legitimate companies and use cheap, sometimes even toxic materials, these ‘fake-companies’ make a ton of profit, if they won’t get caught.

Sometimes though, people on the internet sell fake Jordans, claiming they’re real and ruing people’s Christmas. Just like in this guys’s case. He’s got an exceptionally bad fake, unfortunately.


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