Glen Rice Jr. Has Again Been Released By His Team After Yet Another Insane Incident

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Glen Rice Jr. Has Again Been Released By His Team After Yet Another Insane Incident


New team, new problems.
Former NBA player Glen Rice Jr., who is the son of three time All-Star Glen Rice, has caused trouble again, shortly after joining his new team, Juventus Utena in Lithuania.

This time, he has lasted just five days before being released. According to various reports, Rice Jr. managed to add up multiple incidents in this short time, that led to him eventually being fired.

Not only did the former Wizard miss multiple flights (this includes ‘losing’ his ticket at an Amsterdam stopover) on his way to the new team, he also did not follow the quarantine rules and went to a bar for drinks, followed by showing up drunk for his first practice.

Throughout the next practices, Rice had numerous conflicts with teammates and team officials, and to top things off, he challenged 7’2, 260 pound center Mindaugas Kupsas to a fight.

Juventus director Eimantas Skersis:


“He’s an unpredictable person who has a lot of problems. We took a risk and it didn’t work out. The circus is over. Now we’re looking for a person, who wants to play basketball, not to fool around.”


This wasn’t the first time Rice Jr. got into trouble at one of his teams.

When he was still in college at Georgia Tech where he was listed among the top 20 prospects in the country. His college career ended abruptly following an incident involving driving under the influence and discharging a firearm while under the influence. This incident led to Rice Jr. joing the (then) D-League where he absolutely dominated, leading to him getting drafted by the Washington Wizards after all with the 35th pick.

After not getting a lot of playing time in the NBA, he returned to the D-League to have the possibility of playing big minutes in order to improve his game.

But unfortunately, the winger wasn’t able to to avoid trouble and was involved in an Atlanta night club brawl that turned into a shooting. Rice was shot in the leg and was later charged with reckless conduct and possession of 240.4 grams (0.53 lbs) marijuana.

In 2017, Glen went overseas to play for the Tnt KaTropa in the Philippines, where his stint ended in disarray, after he was thrown out in the series deciding game against Barangay Ginebra in the semifinals. Rice shoved his opponent and then threw the ball at him. After the game, he left the country without talking to any team official.

Next up was a stint in Israel with Hapoel Holon and things were finally looking better for Rice. He led the league in scoring with 24.5 points and also averaged 7.9 rebounds, 4.7 assists and 1.9 steals per game, and scored the Finals deciding bucket in the national cup. Things were good until Rice was released after punching his teammate Guy Pnini in the face in the locker room.

After some more or less exiting stints in Latin and South America, the next destination in Jr.’s career was New Zealand, where he joined the Breakers. After two games, Rice was arrested and charged with assault following an incident at an Auckland bar. Rice was suspended indefinitely, and when he was cleared to return to the roster, his contract was terminated after he was arrested for breaching his bail conditions the previous night.

Now that his Lithuania adventure also ended early, let’s see where he’ll go to cause some trouble next.


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