Gilbert Arenas Says Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Might Now Be A Better Player Than Kawhi Leonard And Paul George


Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s name remains closely tied to the Los Angeles Clippers. He not only played for them but was also a key asset to the blockbuster trade that brought eight-time NBA All-Star Paul George to the Clippers.

Recently, Shai’s name is coming up a lot because of opinions that the Clippers might have made a mistake by trading him for George. Many point to Shai’s improvement in the past two years, noting his making of the All-Star team last season and his strong position to make it again this season.

Former Washington Wizards icon Gilbert Arenas has further amplified the discussion around Shai and the Clippers. In his view, Shai might have already become a better player this season, not only than Paul George but also Kawhi Leonard.


“To be honest he might be a better player than both of them. You know it could go either way right now. I won’t debate you on that. It could go either way, but he’s steady. He’s humble, he trains. Every summer he comes back having added something to his game. The Clippers will always kick themselves in the butt when they look at the trades they made versus what they have right now.”


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