George Calls the Pacers the “Little Brother” of the NBA

Credit: David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Credit: David Zalubowski/Associated Press


Indiana Pacers superstar forward Paul George wasn’t happy with referee officiating on Monday night against the Chicago Bulls. George was clearly frustrated by the lack of foul calls against the Bulls. He shot just one free-throw all game, and his team shot just ten as a team, a very rare number.

Interestingly, Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler had two more free throw attempts than the Pacers, as he had visited the free throw line twelve times during the game. The free-throws surely helped the Bulls as they took out Indiana, 90-85.
”I’ve been fined multiple times,” George told reporters. “I’ve been vocal to the point where the league issues [a statement], ‘Hey, we missed a call. Hey, we missed that.’ Officials do it during games [saying], ‘I missed that call, I missed this call. We’re sorry. We’re sorry.’ It’s getting repetitive. They see it, they know what’s going on. They know what’s a foul. They know what’s not a foul. It comes down from somewhere else how these games are going, I believe.”

George, a three-time NBA All-Star, described the Indiana Pacers as the ”little brother” of the NBA. A “little brother” because they have to deal with getting very few foul calls.
”Since I’ve been in this jersey we’ve always fought this battle,” George added. ”Ever since I’ve been playing, ever since I’ve been in this jersey we’ve fought this battle. Maybe the league has teams they like so they can give them the benefit of the doubt. We’re the little brother of the league. We’re definitely the little brother of the league.”

With a record of 15-17, Indiana holds the ninth spot in the Eastern Conference. The Pacers travel to D.C. where they’re set to meet the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

Maybe they’ll get more free-throw opportunities in their battle with Washington.

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