Gary Vee Doubles Down On His Hatred Towards Michael Jordan

Photo Credit: Noren Trotman/NBAE via Getty Images

Gary Vee Doubles Down On His Hatred Towards Michael Jordan


Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk, who’s better known as ‘Gary Vee’, is one of the people who predicted the current hype in sports trading cards. A couple of  years ago Vaynerchuck stated that cards will be going to explode in value in the next few years and could make a great alternative investment, which turned out to be completely true.

Turns out that even though Vee owns 1986 Michael Jordan Fleer Stickers, he doesn’t like Michael Jordan. During an episode of his popular show #AskGaryVee, that airs on his social media channels, in the ‘Overrated vs Underrated’ segment, he was asked if Michael Jordan was one, or the other. As a response, there were overlays of old audios in which you can hear him say:


“I f***ing hate Michael Jordan. I hate Michael Jordan more than breathing.” 


He then still proceeded to say MJ was properly ranked. When asked in the comments about his hatred for arguably the greatest basketball player in history, he responded with:


“I’m a 45-year old Knicks fan…”


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