From Hardwood To Sand: Former NBA Player Chase Budinger Qualifies For Paris Olympics In Beach Volleyball

Getty Images


A jack of many trades – former NBA player Chase Budinger has secured a spot on the US beach volleyball team heading to the 2024 Paris Olympics. The 36-year-old athlete traded his basketball shoes for sandals after a seven-year NBA career, and his dedication to beach volleyball has paid off in the most spectacular way.

Budinger’s journey to the Olympics began after his time in the NBA ended in 2017. While he wasn’t receiving significant interest from basketball teams, Budinger, a talented high school volleyball player, felt his athleticism could still shine on the sand.

Partnering with Miles Evans, Budinger embarked on a rigorous training program. Their hard work culminated in securing the second and final qualifying spot for the US men’s beach volleyball team. This achievement is particularly impressive considering they achieved seven top-five finishes in just nine qualifying events this year.

Budinger’s success story highlights the exceptional athletic ability required for both basketball and beach volleyball. His height (6’7″) is a major asset on the beach, allowing him to dominate at the net. This, combined with Evans’ defensive prowess, has formed a formidable partnership.

The road to Olympic gold won’t be easy, but Budinger and Evans have already defied expectations. Their journey from NBA courts to the Olympic beach volleyball scene is an inspiring tale of dedication and athletic versatility. The Paris Games will undoubtedly see Budinger aiming to spike his way to Olympic glory.

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