Frederic Weis Criticizes Joel Embiid, Says His French Nationality Should Be Revoked


Former Olympic silver medalist Frederic Weis has openly expressed his disapproval of NBA star Joel Embiid’s actions and comments related to his French nationality. Weis, known for being the victim of Vince Carter’s infamous “dunk of death,” did not mince words on his radio show at the French station RMC.

Weis accused Embiid of lacking respect for France and the people striving to obtain French citizenship. Per Eurohoops:


“I consider this boy a great player as much as he is a dirty guy. I hate him for the things that he did. I think he doesn’t have any respect for France and also for all the people who are asking for a French passport and don’t get it. And under the pretext that he is a great athlete, he got it. I find it scandalous, I find it embarrassing. I don’t care about his excuses, cause they are his words, and his words mean nothing.”


The controversy has its roots in Embiid’s decision to play for Team USA in the upcoming Olympics, despite initially expressing a desire to represent France. This choice has sparked a vocal reaction in France, particularly from Weis, who suggested that Embiid’s French nationality should be revoked and that he should be banned from entering France for the Olympics.

Weis’ comments reflect a broader debate on the intersection of sports, business, and national representation. He criticized the current era of sports business where athletes choose national teams based on offers and chances to win, likening it to club selection. Weis reminisced about the close final between France and the USA in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, emphasizing that France has always been a top contender.

The backdrop of this controversy is Embiid’s status as an extraordinary basketball player and the reigning NBA MVP, which influenced France’s decision to grant him citizenship. However, Weis’s harsh words suggest a deep-seated frustration with the way sports and nationality are intertwined in today’s society.

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