Fred VanVleet Went Off On Referee Ben Taylor: “A Dick Who Constantly F**ks Up Games”

Photo Credit: Frank Gunn/CP


Being a referee certainly isn’t an easy job. Things move super quickly and you’ve basically got to have your eyes everywhere at any time.

Saying this however, does not mean that referees can’t or shouldn’t be criticized when making mistakes. Being a doctor for example also is a hard job, but you’d still complain if he killed a family member during a standard procedure and wouldn’t be held accountable.

This is also what Raptors guard Fred VanVleet seems to believe. So after last night’s game against the Clippers, Freddy went absolutely off on referee Ben Taylor, insulting him and saying that he’s a dick who constantly f**ks up the games. 

Yes, VanVleet will see a hefty fine for his statement, but opened up his monologue by saying that he doesn’t care.


“I’ll get a fine, I don’t really care. I thought Ben Taylor was f**cking terrible tonight. I thought that on most nights, a couple out of the three, one or two, f**k the game up. It’s been like that a couple of games in a row… Denver was tough obviously. You come out tonight, competing pretty hard, and in the third quarter, I get a bullish*t tech that changed the whole dynamic and the whole flow of the game. Most of the refs are trying hard to be fair, they communicate well, and then you got the other ones that just wanna be dicks, and that just kinda f**ks the game up. Nobody is coming to see that sh*t. They come to see the players…”

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