Former Warriors Player Admits Eric Gordon Was The Toughest Player To Guard In The NBA


Stories from NBA players are always interesting, especially when they share about the toughest players they’ve played against. Many perspectives have been shared, often pointing to superstars like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. However, a recent answer from former Golden State Warriors forward Jordan Bell stands out as unique and unexpected.

Drafted by the Warriors in 2017, Bell was initially known for his defense. Despite not establishing a long-standing presence in the league and having played for five different teams in five seasons, Bell’s insight into his most challenging matchup remains intriguing.

When asked about the toughest player he has ever guarded in the league, the former Warriors player turned heads by naming veteran sharpshooter Eric Gordon.


“Guarding Eric Gordon was the hardest I ever had to do. We know he shoots threes… take away his space, and he drives… When he gets to the paint, and-1 layup.”


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