Former US-President Barack Obama Joins List Of Potential Phoenix Suns Buyers

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Former US-President Barack Obama Joins List Of Potential Phoenix Suns Buyers


After Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver was suspended for a year, with a $10 million fine, due to a racism, sexism, and sexual harassment scandal, the NBA world decided in unison, that the punishment wasn’t enough.

With a lot of pressure from within the NBA, its front office and its players, Sarver decided that it was in everyone’s best interest to sell the Suns and Mercury franchises.

After the first reports of Sarver selling the team, the top of the list of potential buyers included some well known names, that were headlined by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Now, a new, very well known player has entered the conversation; former President Barack Obama. According to Bill Simmons, Obama is involved in one of the groups considering a bid to buy the Suns.


“I heard Obama’s involved in one of the groups,” Simmons told Charles Barkley on The Bill Simmons Podcast (11:40 mark). “That’s the one guy I feel like, they would make him the actual face, and the money guys would be so happy to have him at the front that they would just be like, ‘Cool.”


Last year, Forbes had valued the Suns at $1.8-billion, but the asking price will reportedly be in the $3 to $4 billion range – a price tag that is more than affordable of many of the names in consideration.

Barack Obama may have been the sportiest among all the former presidents (and current) and played some pretty impressive high school ball.

During and after his presidency, Obama has always been in close contact with the NBA.

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