[Fanduel] 10 Best College Prospects For The 2022 NBA Draft Pick

[Fanduel] 10 Best College Prospects For The 2022 NBA Draft Pick


These players are possible 2022 Rookies of the Year 

We know that the 2021-22 season isn’t over yet and that the Finals and the Playoffs haven’t happened yet. But, it is officially time to start talking about the 2022 draft. 

This year is going to be harder to predict than previous years as so many players took time off because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some top players even took the Red Shirt option this year. 

However, today, we want to present you with our Top 10 picks for the 2022 Draft. 


#10 – Bennedict Mathurin (Arizona, SG) 

.If you wanted Mathurin in the Under 19s World Cup this year then you will completely understand why he has earned a spot in our Top 10 list. Marhunrin racked up an average of 16.9 points per game in the competition. 

You could tell that Mathurin has been working hard to round out his game over the summer – his pull-up scoring had improved, as has his play creation. 


#9 – Jean Montero (Overtime Elite, PG/SG) 

Montero is a skilled enough player to have earned an overseas basketball scholarship at the age of 15. He is currently playing for Overtime Elite (who is part of a professional basketball league that employs 15-17-year-olds) but he is now old enough to be eligible for the 2022 Draft. 

Montero can bring his new team a range of skills and level of maturity that other 18-year-olds could only dream of. 


#8 – AJ Griffin (Duke, SF/PF)

What is interesting about AJ Griffin is that he has had to take the last year out due to an ankle injury – but many teams still seem to be very interested in him. His previous season was just that good, had he been healthy this year then he would have definitely placed inside the Top 5. 


#7 – TyTy Washington Jr. (Kentucky, PG/SG)

Washington is a young player, but man is he good. Every element of his game is polished. He really has marked himself as the Point Guard to beat this year. 

If Washington goes into the draft this year then the spot for top NCAA guard will be open. Think you know who that could be? Then you should check out Fanduel’s NCAA Basketball odds here. 


#6 – Jalen Duren (Memphis, C)

Many people who had joined the star-studded roster at Memphis would have been intimidated and maybe even would have struggled to carve out their own space in the team. 

But not Duren. Not only did he play out of his skins last season, but he managed to use the rest of the team’s skill to make him look like an even better player. He is one to watch. 


#5 – Jaden Hardy (G League Ignite, SG) 

Hardy has shown promise since he first stepped out onto the court in high school. But many have had questions about whether he has the all-around skills he needs to compete in the NBA. 

Over the last season with Ignite in the G League, Hardy has put a lot of those fears to bed. He has the shot accuracy he needs to be a valuable asset to any team and in the last season, we have really seen his playmaking ability come into its own. 


#4 – Patrick Baldwin Jr. (Milwaukee, SF/PF) 

Baldwin is an offensive machine – at 6″8 he has an impressive jumping height and wingspan. However, this player is more than just his height – he has technical skills and a knack for tactics that makes him very, very valuable. 


#3 – Chet Holmgren (Gonzaga, PF/C) 

If Holmgren would have boosted his strength a little then we would have put him at the top of this list – he has everything else going for him. Holmgren was a 5-star recruit straight out of high school and stands at 7 feet tall. 

What Holmgren lacks in strength, he more than makes up for in both skill and tactical play. 


#2 – Jabari Smith (Auburn, PF) 

You could never accuse Jabari Smith of being a flashy player. But if you ask any NBA coach they will take solid and reliable over flashy any day. 

Smith is the player you want on your side no matter what the scoreboard looks like – he puts in the hard work and he hates losing. 


#1 – Paolo Banchero (Duke, PF) 

We don’t think we’ll be ruffling too many feathers by putting Paolo Banchero at the number one spot on this list. He has everything you want in a good NBA player and more – he’s fast, he’s strong, he’s smart, he’s always in the right place at the right time, and he scores points. 

If we were to put money on who was going to be the first pick this year, it would be Banchero. 

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