Fan Gets Lucky, Pays $70 For 1/1 LeBron Jersey Card Worth $100K

Photo Credit: Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

Fan Gets Lucky, Pays $70 For 1/1 LeBron Jersey Card Worth $100K


The basketball card market has been on fire for a while and is frequently setting new records, or bringing us great stories.

It also didn’t disappoint the other day, when ‘Jaspy’s Case Breaks’ card shop in Hermosa Beach, California, hosted a live break of a box of 2019-20 Panini Immaculate Premium Edition cards. Collectors had the opportunity to buy rights to cards based on an NBA team and one more than lucky fan purchased the rights to the Los Angeles Lakers cards for $70.

These $70 turned out to be an insanely great investment, as a LeBron James game-used jersey card from last season’s championship run with the Lakers was pulled. Experts believe that this card will bring in over $100,000 if it was put up for auction.

Per TMZ Sports:


“During Thursday’s live break, Jaspy’s staffer Joe pulled the holy grail from the set … a LeBron game-used jersey card from LBJ’s championship run with the Lake Show!!!

The guys at the shop went crazy — and the collector who was watching virtually quickly realized they had something special! We spoke with Erick Mitchell — high-end card expert and card broker — who tells us he was getting hit up by clients making big offers (from $50k to $75k) in the hours after the pull!”


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